After treating with pinex they come back and back and back.... I have contacted the health dept. So they can look into the schools. But they said they "dont do that here". IS there a way to get rid of them and keep them gone.

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    There's a website called that sells various natural treatments for ridding oneself of parasites. I have found some of their products to be most helpful in treating some of my health issues.

    Thank you for the link.
    you get pinworms from your pets and other people. your supposed to wear tight underwear change daily. wash all clothing that came in contact with hot water. if you need to dust use damp rag and also the eggs are air borne. do not vacuum. use damp mop and clean it out well. wear shoes always, they also live on the ground, where it doesnt freeze well in the kids had a bout with them. ugh! oh yeah, keep your toilet clean.

    Pets do not give ppl pin worms.. It is only passed through fecally... As in some one not washing hands before touching fountians utincels and such... AS well as they tickle and kids will rub thier bottoms and not wash... I dont know if there is another tye of pinworm you are talking about... THANK YOU for your help.. I will use the percautions you suggested.
    Does she suck her fingers? How about under her nail? There is a cream you can buy. You spread around her anus. It prevents the worms from laying their eggs. I think that should do it.

    No she is 11.... It has to be from the bathrooms and water fountains at school.. There is no soap in any over the restrooms at school. So they are eating with dirty hands... They think sanitizer is more effective, cost efficiant and less messy... I have reported it several times... But they have not even looked into it.

    this is terrible! did you call the health department? THEY MUST. soap and water and good washing of hands is sooooo important. oh, you know that. i'm a nut for hand washing.
    After you de-worm, wash all sheets, pillows, towels and any clothes like trousers or pants, that have been worn without washing.

    I do that.... It takes up to 2 months for eggs to hatch so it is a terrible cycle. I have given my daughter her own tiolet paper, soap, sanitizer and bottled water.. But they seem to show up every other month or so. School is out as of 2 weeks ago... Hopefully we can get this straightaned out over the summer.

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