Japan's nuclear catastrophe

    is there going to be a catastrophe with Japan's nuclear reactors?

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    Good question lets hope not.

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    The real catastrophe is the overreaction and the unconditional organized opposition to nuclear energy that this accident caused.Please read and watch... - 50k - - 50k – Choose “Full episode”

    i agree with valR on this .the japaness and the russian disasters where two totally different sets of circumstances.when you consider the number of reactors to number of catastrophes then they are very successful in suppling with all things that are not fully understood by the majority you then get a knee jerk affect and calls for nuclear power to be scraped.

    I do not believe so. Japan has known of the possible catastrophes they could fall victim to by being an island nation. They take extraordinary safety measures to prevent things like this from happening.
    God be them.


    i really hope that you're right in your assasment. As for myself, not so sure we're told everything.

    Not when they get their emergency cooling system based on emergeny diesel into work.

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