how can one differentiate between AC and Dc current

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    DC is battery power where AC is generator power as a rule.
    Ac is alternating current, and Dc is direct current.
    All of the above,but you could be sure ac. current can kill you.
    As for only battery,power,I suppose if put in the right sequence could also kill you.maybe a little slower.
    The normal house hold power is AC the power from a battery is DC.

    AC is driven through the power line by its` pulsating as stated by matheneyg whilst DC is a contiuios "flow" of current. It is the pulsating "drive" that allows AC to travel over greater distance.
    if one could slow down a light bulb turned on and burning to a speed your eye would be able to see the light bulb would be turning on and off about 60 times a second this is ac power its just one of many ways to explain the difference between the two.
    AC will give you a shock, whereas DC can burn you.

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