Are you afraid of the police? Why or why not?

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    I am, read why below Volcane. Highly debated question in my town recently- thumbs up.

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    depends on how long their behind me

    I am b/c the cops here in El Paso honestly get away with murder, DWI, theft etc... I also was choked by one while I was seated hand cuffed. I was let go 5 minutes later and threatend to keep my mouth shout about what happend and that cop had been under a lot of stress. F--- that can I choke him the next time I'm pissed off?

    Only criminals and residents of the inner cities are afraid of the police.

    I'm not afraid of them I only worry when they follow me.I carry a concealed weapon i have a permit.And they know i have it.So when they get behind me i always think the worst.

    Afraid of them ~ no.I have had the occasional run in with them n still avoid them for one reason or another but nothing i do is enuf to land me in jail so i've no reason to fear them

    Police represent our brothers, sisters and friends. They have a responsibility to protect our streets and for the most part do an honorable job.

    Only the criminal should fear a badge.

    There is no reason to fear something or someone who'd job is to protect you. As an example, if I am NOT speeding and a police car is behind me, why would I fear his lights blinking. He is going for someone else. Fear, many times comes from guilt. When you speed in this example, you should fear and also be glad that someone is watching over the roads. I am not a policeman. I just don't need to fear policemen if I am doing what is right. thank you

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