Where did I get this habit?

    When I am cooking potatoes salad for example.. I dont count how many potatoes I am using I say... Out loud..."1 for Me,1 for Name,1 for name ,1 for name ,1 for the pot and 1 for good measure". My mother said my g.mother used to say that.. But I never met her... Have you heard anyone do this before? Where did I get it from?

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    I dont think phases are inherited... My died a week after I was born so... It cant be from memory.. I was wondering if it was a common thing somewhere or if a cook on tv did it... My nephews asked me about it today.. They thought it was the funniest thing they ever heard.

    Thanks for the link.. It may explain more than you could imagine.
    Hey I am right there with you do not feel alone LOL
    No but that is too funny Jenn would love to be there watch you fix potato salad LOL

    Gee thanks... poke fun of me when my crazy is showing.. LOL

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