Why can't the USS Arizona be raised at Pearl Harbor?

    USS Arizona was sunk at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941 by Japan
    aircraft. USS Arizona was left sunk in shallow water with dead
    sailors in the ship. Why can't the ship be raised or the dead
    sailors removed?

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    It could be but why? It's a memorial and a final resting place for them.
    It is sacred ground. Maybe you got to be an American to understand it. No different than digging up the dead at Arlington National Cemetery.
    I've been on the Pearl Harbour cruise and i think it is a fitting Memorial for the air raid inflicted by the japanese.

    I visited the memorial many years ago, and it is a somber experience. It should never be forgotten what happened there, and the memorial over the ship is exactly where it should be. I agree, very fitting memorial

    The website below has a lot of information provided in a thoughtful way. If you have time to check it out, you won't be sorry.     


    As others have said it is a memorial to the dead..and it was agreed by all the family's of the dead,that they remain on the Arizona,,and it has been for a long time,,the wife and i visited the Arizona while on holiday,,it is a site well worth seeing..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for uss arizona photos

    I don't think there are any dead sailors anymore to be removed from the USS Arizona.

    all the sailors that went down in the Arizona are still there, it's there final resting place.

    When you said "are still there" you mean in spirit right? Otherwise its nothing there. No bones no nothing. Yes, symbolically speaking they are there.

    Their bodies were not removed from the ship, varon. Their remains are in the ship. Think of it as a mass grave, a mass coffin.

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