Why do some people ask a question that requires forum members to have more details?

    For example "Where can I find a holiday house?" Where indeed? "What is the best tourist area in this country" What country for crying out loud.

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    LOL, Hi PL xxx. Even worse is when you ask for more info, 99% of the time, they never come back to give it.
    We are going to have to stop meeting like this, people are beginning to talk. They think either you have changed your persuasion or I am booked in for THE surgery. Bugger them anyway we know the truth. Couldn`t agree more why post the question if you are not going to follow through? Question for you, since the new format I only get to page 15 on the "answered" pages, yet there are a lot of other questions that one has to search in catergorys to find. I am getting a head ache looking, what, if anything can a poor old "d on`t need the operation anyway" bloke do? Guess what? I booked and paid for a flight to London where I have a daughter. It is not until Autumn 3rd Oct to 4th Nov so save up and come with me. xx Could that be construed as sexual harassment or in my case sexual embarresment?

    Let them talk. We've got nothing to hide ;) No, as much as I like you PL, I won't be switching teams, lol I would absolutely LOVE to meet you in England! I have friends there waiting for me to come over. We'd have a blast, I'm sure! I'm still trying to find someone responsible enough and willing to stay here at my house to look after my 2 dogs and 15 birds. I fear I may never find anyone :(

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