What is the antidote to niacin flush?

    What is the antidote to niacin flush?

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    Oh my, I got so red hot in sears in the rush of christmas it was terrible. horrible. i could have jumped into a pool of ice cubes and i would not have cooled off. my husband got me out of the crowd and into the car where i totally passed out.
    i was sooo sick. i went to the doctor the next day and he said, "don't take any more niacin". i didn't need an antidote, i recovered quickly.

    Take Niacinamide instead, and you won't get the flushes.

    Do not take niacin in large doses. start in small ones and increase over time. It's like being desensitized for allergies. Niacin is a B vitamin and will lower cholesterol and it's good for you. But be cautious when consuming.

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