what was the most crashed aircraft of WWII?

    accidental losses and not shot down.

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    This is a difficult question to answer, 'most crashed'.. There were good aircraft and bad, in the European theater, you can not say which one 'crashed the most' because of mechanical failure, I don't even know if there are stats on this, however. there were aircraft of all sorts from many countries that played part..

    I can only respond on which were the best and clearly the P-51 and the ME-109 as well as the Fockwulf 190 were fast and maneuverable.

    In the pacific theater, I would say that the title of worst goes to the Japanese. Their Mitsubishi A6M2 (zero) was very quick but vulnerable due to lack of armor, also they had many problems with engine failure due to fuel delivery. They had a terrible glide ratio, if the engine quit in flight, they basically fell out of the sky.. This happened many times until they modified the fuel delivery, by that time though, it was too late as the Americans put to rest their slower dauntless, corsairs and P4o's in place of P-38's and P-51 Mustangs that would eat these 'Oscars' or Zeros out of the sky..

    I might add, the ME-109 by design was a very difficult aircraft to land, the main landing gear were too close together therefore making the aircraft want to skid from side to side, many ME-109 pilots died as a result of this design. Once below stall speed and rolling, the weight shift would start the aircraft oscillating right and left, once this started the pilot had no control.. It continued to get worse until the plane came to a halt, usually in a pile of airplane parts..

    Unfortunately this is not the info you are looking for but it was fun talking about it..

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