In church conference, when a committee recommends someone for a job, does it require a second for the church members to vote on the committee recommendation?

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    Many organizations operate their meetings according to what is called "Parlimentary Procedure." While most do have their own bylaws governing the body of their committees rules of procedure, many will base their guidelines upon these procedures to varying degrees. Commonly, a recomendation would be made by a member of the committee, someone would second it, and then the committee would vote upon the recomendation being followed up by either an appointed officer of the organization or a specified member of the committee. Following these steps allows the follow up to a recomendation to be the voice of the committee rather than an indivual. However, whether the vote be only followed up by virtue of their being unanimous or majority outcome, will usually be contingent upon that organization's guidelines.
    You need to remember, that if you challenge the validity of a vote, it tends to create animosity amongst commitee members and can have its consequences down the road. Congenial communications with other members of a governing party beforehand, is often like the lubrication of a machine, in that it makes things go smoothly. Often, if you are about to do something like challenge a vote, you need to honestly ask yourself, if you are doing it for the right reason. You might ask why I say this? I say this, as although it might take quite awhile to blow over, in the long run you will have a strong foundation for defending having brought forth the challenge, and you will have restrained yourself from having done this out of pettiness or retaliation.

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