Why do I see black dots floating around. Is this a sign of illness

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    These could be 'floaters'. Google the word for more info.

    Right on!
    These are called "floaters". When I first realized I had them 40 yrs ago, scared the hell out of me. BUT.....40 years after I saw my Opthalmologist I'm just like I was and none the worse for wear.

    The 1st thing you do is get checked by an OPTHALMOLOGIST to find out if the floaters are being caused by a serious medical condition. Mine were not.

    I find that booze makes floaters worse.
    Are you diabetic, if you are or even if you're not this can be bleeding in the eyes, get checked soon, it can lead to blindness if not cared for.
    I had this several years ago and was blinded in one eye at a time, but after the right painless treatment I can see fine now.
    might be blood pressure. what did your doctor say?
    If you have Floaters, they will be more evident when you are looking at a white surface. They also will move if you move your eyes from side to side. If they are floaters, its nothing to worry about, and you will get used to them.
    You're probably about to pass out from low blood sugar. Sit down and relax a minute. When you get up don't try getting up too fast, get something to eat and you'll feel much better.
    if things get worse call or see a doctor..

    When I had 'floaters' my doctor sent me to be checked for PVD (Posterior Vitreous Detachment) In other words detached Retina. Thankfully, I was ok but it is a serious condition if not immediately treated. I would agree with most of the advice here to consult a medical professional.

    No, I do not have a fever. I just noticed this 2 days ago. The symptoms of the black dots floating seem to come and go. I have made an appointment to see my Doctor. Now I don't know whether to see an optometrist, internal medicine or a specialist.
    Headless Man

    You need to see a Ophthalmologist.

    Go to the doctor, start with your GP and he/she will refer you to the proper specialist.


    Floaters are what you are seeing. Just in case, see your OPTHAMOLOGIST ,not optomitrist.
    irratating little buggers aren't they you'll get used to them

    They are floaters.  Chinese call them flying mosquitos.  There is so far no treatment for them.  My Opthalmologist told me that she also has floaters.  They may bother you, but nothing serious. 

    You don't have a fever, do you?

    They are called "Floaters" and it is normal to see them. They are harmless. But  See your eye Doctor to rule out anything new if you haven't been to one in a while.


    Just because you don't like someone's answer isn't reason enough to give them a TD Birdee. Those are reserved for obnoxious or disgusting answers that are highly inappropriate for this forum. I realize you are new here. Most of us refrain from using TD's unless absolutely necessary because they take away 35 points from your karma.

    Bits of crystalized Vitnious Humour (forgive spelling) , the fluid that gives the eyes their fullness and thus their shape.  They are very common as the years pass.  Athough they may increase over the years.  If they start to hinder sight its a simple operation.  Generally nothing to fear. 

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