I have just spent 45 minutes researching and trying to buy 4 books on Amazon and the whole lot has now been lost because of your hughly difficult signing in process and not for the first time! What more can I do. My email address is still and I have the same password I have used before and yet it still comes up saying there is a problem with my password. Its a huge PAIN TO WASTE SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY BY THIS SHAMBLES! Surely Amazon can produce a more pain free sho

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    We are not connected to and cannot help you with your problem. You need to contact directly.
    Why don't you just change your password? P.S.- I wouldn't display my email address for all to see if I were you. Just a suggestion. from here sign in and go to the “customer discussions” and there about for help. You will eventually get some attention by someone if you go around blowing your horn enough. They seem to be setup for automated response through a huge problem tree that may or may not be as responsive as needed. They will show up for enough of a display of customer power and setting off alarms…eg “How do I return my Kindle.” and if all else fails call: 866-216- 1072 for your WiFi Connect help with Amazin. I bet you try the phone number first.

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