what can I use instead of chili powders?

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    I would have to say cayenne pepper too. But if I am making homemade chili I prefer Mexene Chili Powder.

    tabasco, cayenne pepper, red pepper?

    Ooooooh, there are sooooooo many different kinds of Chili, and so many ways of preparing them!!! So if you are bored of Chili powder, consider some other ways of using Chili as well.

    You can try dried Chilis (whole ones or ground ones). If you take the ground ones, pour them into a small bottle of olive oil and let the mixture sit for two to three weeks, the resulting Chili oil is absolutely delicious on Pizza, meat or any other kind of food you want to spice up. Another way of preparing Chili is to preserve it in vinegar (actually, we are talking about a mix of 2 parts vinegar, 3 parts water, sugar and salt). I usually get Jalape?os for this. Let them sit in the vinegar for three weeks before eating them. You can put them on your sandwiches, eat them along with your main dish, etc.

    Have a nice meal,

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