Literature:What is the function of the title of a novel?

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    Does a novel really need a title? Couldn't I go to the book store and simply ask for "that really great novel"?



    how 'bout a horse with no name ?

    It felt good to be out of the rain.

    Obviously, from the answers you've received, a title identifies a work, giving it a reference from which it can be found. It generally gives at least a vague clue of the contents. My term paper titled "Covering All the Bases-Religion in Ancient Rome " may have clued the reader (both of them) to know the different facets of religion were going to be contained in the work.



    "both of them" lol

    Interesting how would my bookshelf look if I ripped all the covers off the books and re-stacked the books on the shelf without covers on the books? How about...just...the author's name and "book #1", "book #2", etc...or produce books in oddly shaped forms making mystery novels a challenge for the reader to get through by twisting and turning the book through a series of clued maneuvers to get through the story line properly? Of course if you missed the clue you could be on an endless cycle for a while.    

    Image result for my name is nobody    why can you not have a book with no title if you can have a name with no name..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It's to get you titilated, so you'll buy the book. Same with movie titles.

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