Is an iPad compatable in a PC environment?

    I know little if anything about iPads. so forgive me but . . . My primary computers are PCs, using Windows XT and Windows 7 (I have 3 machines). Would I have connectivity issues? Or does it matter?

    Does an iPad require a service provider and monthly account like a cell phone?

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    An iPad is compatible with PCs, as far as syncing pictures, movies, music, and possibly calendars and address books go. All of which you do using iTunes. As far as using PC programs like Microsoft Office or certain PC games on your iPad, or using iPad applications like iBook on your PC - that won't work. Think about the iPad as a handheld computer, a laptop. It has its own programs and access to the internet. It won't run PowerPoint but it would run your presentations using its own software. You can read your Kindle books on your PCs and on your iPad, because you'll sync your kindle library through the internet. So using an iPad as your handheld mobile entertainment device, with easy on the go access to some things, is perfectly reasonable.
    See here for more details:
    An iPad is a computer, it uses a wireless connection. If there's wireless internet, it can go on it, so you don't need to buy a special plan like for a cell phone. It also has 3G access. I'm not sure how it works in the US or where you live, see the link for further details.

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