What would be the greatest trick ever played on mankind?

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    check out last answer. Up for you, friend.

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    How about that the devil or Satan wasn't real, that there was no hell and therefore no accountability for your actions here on Earth?

    All roads lead to heaven, all gods are equal, we are all gods, and God isn't real He's just a man made concept, designed to control people?

    The government wants whats best for people, the list goes on and on, we are living our lives wearing blinders, don't think for yourselves, just listen to what we tell you to think.

    Darwin's trick

    to find out that the quantum physic theory is correct, and everything here is an illusion .


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    People who believe the father of lies - Satan; and who are unprepared for an eternity with such evil. Point, this is no trick. Satan exists and so are the masses who have ignored God and His salvation through His Son Jesus who died for our sins.

    The Ape's trick...Trying to look like us. It will never work

    to find out that the quantum physic theory is correct, and everything here is an illusion .

    If we never landed on the moon and it was all a big hoax by our government.

    if we were to find out that we were living in hell.

    To wake up, to find all of man kind and life was a mear dream.

    A hologram in every country at the same time in the image of God, Jesus, Allah etc.Telling the world to chill the hell out.

    Barack Obama

    I think religion is #1 and the Federal Reserve #2.

    A Financial Adviser dealing with money. First you see then you don't.

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