what does non verbal communication mean

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    We communicate in a "non-verbal" manner by the look we give ,a smile a wink a nod of the head the way we stand/sit. Do we fold our arms which is a "I don`t care/believe" Do we lean forward in a class room which means" I am paying attention" Do we glare at someone. This is all non-verbal communication.

    Simply it is the act of communicating in a non-verbal manner.
    Mime, or deaf and dumb hand communication
    People lover is right on, eggplant has a creative good answer, and dad has some good ones as well. I will stick mostly to the PL version. There are people who specialize in non verbal communication or (Body Language.)

    You can tell exactly what a person is thinking by their body language, it's amazing. I believe that is the main form of non verbal comm.

    For example: If a dog is showing it's teeth, and the hair is raised on it's back what would you assume?
    It can mean various things like " Put it actions not words", "Put it in writing" and "Do not contact/communicate" etc.
    Sign language,smoke signals,jungle drums,letters,christmas cards & emails.:)
    When your spouse gives you the silent treatment and has "oh,nothing..." to say.

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