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    For years I could never forgive my Ex. for what he put us through. When he was dying, I drove 4 hrs to say goodbye and I forgave him. It is such a relief to let go of resentment. I finally feel free.
    ed shank

    That was a wonderful thing you did. I hope I can one day do the same.

    Ed, to forgive someone is for your own benefit too.
    Resentment and anger can weight you down and even make you sick. I wish I had forgiven him sooner though, because there was always a roadblock when I
    wanted to write a book or paint, or write poetry. I always started and then stopped. Now I know why.But all these waisted years!
    The ex did, lots of times. That's why he's an ex.
    After the divorce was final, I forgave her and moved on with my life.
    not a thing i can think of....ya right, its easy to forgive ,but to forget!!
    I have a Brother that recently threw me into a rage that I experienced only once before with an acquaintance and nearly went to prison for it. I will have to see him soon, as my stepfather is dying and will not make it much longer. I have asked a family member to intervene and ask him not to be present at the wake when I am there. Hopefully he'll know why.

    If you think you might have even the slightest regret. Take this opportunity to end it. You don't have to agree or disagree. Just agree not to fight about it anymore. Life is to short. I wish I had my brothers to argue with. Just something to think about.
    ed shank

    I appreciate your comment. This is something only time will cure. This is so unlike me, I don't know why I can't turn my back on this issue.
    No. I don't hold grudges, it's better for me to move on, than to be held down by insults, cheats and liars. It's not easy, but I manage somehow to overcome it.
    I have never bore a grudge and I have had things done that I would sooner not have had but stone the crows life is too short to fill it with bitterness.

    I have never hated anyone, some I have disliked intensly but I choose to avoid those and life my life in peace.

    We all make mistakes and our reaction to those we make and others make against us sorts the goats from the sheep, the grain from the chaff or if you prefer the men from the boys. (read also women from the girls)
    I try my best not to end things on a bad note. Sometimes you can't help it. If it goes on more than a few weeks or a month, both of us stewing about what usually amounts to nothing but pride. Then I usually end up calling and ending it. Family members can be the worst. But, they are also the ones I would feel worst about if anything happened and we had not made up. So weather I like it or not my mind won't let me "not" forgive someone.
    I've had family members who won't forgive other family members, sometimes over something that I don't think is a big deal. I have seen it eat them up inside making them an angry miserable person. Once they forgave, or just tried to forgive, I've seen their whole attitude change for the better.

    The Bible says if you don't forgive others, don't expect God to forgive you, so to me it wouldn't be worth the risk, of being unforgiven. If you don't believe in God, it's still not a good thing to keep that locked up inside you, eventually it winds up as anger in one form or another.
    Thier actions I can not control.. How I react to them I can.. I like to be in control... I have had some hard hands delt to me throughout life.. But I learned and grow from everyone... Not only do I forgive, but I am greatful for the experience.
    Unforgiven today is like forgotten , somewhere down the road of time
    Never, I'm lucky. And there would be nothing I can't forgive if it was to me. I will never forgive though if it was to my kids at this point.
    Carrying a resentment is like drinking poision and waiting for the other person to die. To be unforgiving is a huge burden to carry around.

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