Did you like "sex in the city"?

    I'm referring to the TV series.
    What did you think about it? Do you miss it?

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    Very insightful question- thumbs up and over 1K my friend. Great Job!

    4 Answers

    Yes I like sex in the city, in the country, in the back seat of a car, the front seat of a car, in bed out of bed, standing up laying down I told a lie I do not like sex in the city I love sex anywhere.

    At first I never watched it b/c I thought it was like a chick "flick". My Ex. one night was watching it and I decided to check it out. It was funny and straight to the point. So, then I started watching it and liked it. Don't really miss it though-good TV series.

    im a guy and i enjoyed it. I was wondering if other girls when they get together talk about subjects like they did on the show.



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