my six-year-old grandaughter comes to visit and goes around my kitchen table and tips the chairs over. i can't stop her. her mother says she does the same thing at home. why the tipping?

    she does get everything she wants. some would say "she's spoiled" however i don't think "chair tipping" has anything to do with being spoiled. i'm add and i'm kind of thinking she might be adhd. she'd very athletic.

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    Well you should have mentioned the smart alack look. That changes everything. A thought, since she is so spoiled, this could be her way of forcing some kind of boundaries from her parents? Kids like to be kept in line. They need the boundaries. They need the guidance and they will revert to things like tipping chairs, tantrums included. She might be getting all kinds of attention from everyone but it seems it's the wrong kind of attention. mom and dad need to toughen up whether they like it or not. Their child is begging for them to do just that.

    yes. something is not right. i think i'll give it a week's rest.

    what i meant is i will not have her regular visit this week. i don't even want her to visit. i'm kinda burned.

    why not tip the chairs over before she arrives? Try it and let us know her reaction.

    i love it. i'll try it! maybe tomorrow ...
    Grab her by the scruff of the neck the next time comes, before she can tip anything over and get down to her face level and say in a firm stern voice. You listen to Grandma/ grandpa if you so much as look at my chairs you are going to be one sorry kid, I said don`t look at the chairs . No and dont look at mummy look at me. There is no reason to tip my chairs over, want to know why? because they are MY chairs not yours. Do I make myself clear?? you little shit. JUST JOKING DON`T CALL HER THAT, Now tell g`ma/ G`pa what you have been doing at school, if she says "I have been tipping over chairs" Well I can`t help you .
    She likes the loud crashing sound they make. She does need to be disciplined for it. Apparently what her mother is trying, isn't working.
    She's enjoying the drama.......and pushing your buttons.Don't feed into it.
    Remember, parents and grandparents, rewards work better than punishments
    i'm makin' a list. i'm a-checking it twice. gonna make that kid nice. thanks peoplelover.
    i'm makin' a list. i'm a-checking it twice. gonna make that kid nice. thanks peoplelover.
    she has a smart aleck look on her face when she tips the chairs. next time it happens i'm going to carry the tipped chairs out to the garage! i will not say a word. ty colleen.

    Then she's doing it for attention. Why punish the chairs? Carry her out to the garbage can, lol

    good one, girl!
    Colleen's right the kids have no boundary's. Tell your daughter if the kids come over to grandmas they are gonna have to abide by your rules, or face the punishment.

    We were very respectful of our grandparents because we knew that they wouldn't accept bad behavior or we would be punished. The funny thing is we respected them even more for that.

    My mom won't put up with the same crap my sister does with her kids, and my niece and nephew are on the best behavior when visiting her. You just have to lay down the law, maybe teach your daughter and your grandchild a lesson. Spare the rod, spoil the child. It's so true, if you really love your kids you will punish them, to make sure they grow up with boundaries.

    Have you tried telling her, calmly but firmly, not to tip over your chairs?

    "Can't stop her" is ridiculous, from the pair of you. Children do all sorts of things, testing their boundaries... the rules that make them feel secure and loved.

    Set the boundaries in your home, whatever your daughter says, and see the child sticks to them.

    How? Tell her ONCE. After that simply prevent her physically... I did say prevent... not hit, slap or threaten... but be prepared to prevent her however many times it takes until she understands that you MEAN what you say.

    You'll find NO a very useful word, when she learns to obey it. Use YES whenever you can... the times when she asks, remembering please, for a story or a game, or to help with what you are doing, even if cooking the dinner, or whatever it happens to be, takes three times as long.
    You should set up a little trap like when she does it she gets water spilled on her im sure you could come up with something and chilled water would add the extra bite. its payback time and i bet it will stop the little brat .
    I have not idea, but I know one thing or sure, she is NOT Canadian. Ask and water or waitress Canadians never TIP.
    no look her mom probebley dosent disiplen her, she needs to be sent to her room or get a time out, or take away her favorite things to do, so that she learns that she cant do anything she wants

    grandparents are kinda helpless about discipline. her mom doesn't like "suggestions" i do like suggestions and have given you a thumbs up. : )

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