Will you admit to us your bad habits? Funny ones are better

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    My worst habit is I come on here to much.
    Ms Sinclair

    You're not alone

    If we put all this time into making money we woul be
    Don't have

    Just like me!
    Ms Sinclair

    Hmmm. A likely story.
    I smoke.. I keep my hubby sea sick at night by wiggling my foot or rubbing my feet together in bed. And I am a huge flirt.
    Ms Sinclair

    I don't think that flirting is necessarily a bad habit.

    No it isnt.. Unless you are in a jealous type relationship... My hubby knows who I am and how I am... and wouldnt want me any other way.. I just wouldnt be me... Just heaven help a guy that says anything crude to me... Or touches me... Hubby is a big ole boy.. Pure muscle... ANd has rage issues... But with his family he is a pudding filled teddy bear... I love IT!
    Ms Sinclair

    You sound like a good couple. More power to you.

    We are best friends... I am a lucky girl.
    Ms Sinclair

    Yes you are. I think he's a lucky guy too.
    i call it the "scottish toothache" when you bum gets itchy in offence im scottish as well
    Smoking, eating fattening foods (as some of you probably can tell from my previous posts).
    ed shank

    A New Yorker with those horrific bad habits, look out for the smoking "Nazis", next they'll be locking you up for it. I get so pissed over this smoking thing, leave me alone. I'm trying to have vegetables outlawed. Short root systems, very unhealthy.
    Ms Sinclair

    Please don't give mayor Bloombucks any more ideas. He's already too much of a pain in the ass as it is.
    A little bit untidy at times - (or so i am told!)
    i instigate

    usualy not...for me!
    Ms Sinclair

    Ha ha ha. You little troublemaker you.
    I'm a sucker for a hard luck story. Always costs me a lot of time, and usually money. Wife has been calling me an asshole for years because of it. It makes me feel good though.
    hector5559....You should go to the new nose shop. There you can pick your

    ya.....nose depo!!!lol!

    I can burp louder than either of my boys. When they say anything about it I remind them that since I am not allowed to expel gas, as it seems to send any male figure reeling, I have had to figure out how to back it up and burp it out;)

    I have to admit that when I don't want to be bother I will say .... " I don't speak ingles" and most of the time they leave me alone
    I can't think of any. I don't pick my nose nor scratch my behind in public. Most likely, my husband could tell you. Anyway, I can tell you about his. When we go driving in the car, his finger remains in his nose, all the way to Sydney! Sydney is 60km from our place.
    Using 4 letter words.

    Oh is that a bad thing.. Guilty !!!!!

    before i drive i have to walk around my car twice for luck.... it sucks when its raining

    :P and  after i mess up something or something goes wrong i yell "SON OF a MOnkeY's UNcle!!!"   don't know why or how that start i just did.

    I  like letting one go in the barth,and watch the bubbles rise up,


    try lighting a match and see the flash. Keeps the water hot

    I will try that next time,

    I get nervous so fast. When i am nervous i can`t control myself so often i hurt the others .That make me feel bad.

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