What is the best book for children learning to read?

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    Good responsible question for those with kids! Thumbs up

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    Curious George Winnie the poo what was read to me

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    I read to all my children and chose books suitable to their age, I have since read to grand and great grand children. Keep the story line simple to start and read the same story time after time the kids love it and will correct you if you leave something out. So you see they are learning all the time, a tip, tell them books are your best friend, they can take you to places only you can go to in your mind. Nobody ever dies in a book, you just turn the page back and they are alive again. If the only legacy you leave your children is the love of books it is " Job well done" Sorry to prattle but books rule. Don`t worry if someone reads, to you, silly books every life needs fairy floss from time to time. Oh! fairy floss I think is called candy cane by our American friends, anyway that fluffy spun sugar stuff on a stick you get at the show, fair, fete whatever. GO BOOKS!

    Any child's book is fine and no age is too soon. Kids naturally want to learn so just sit down with them early and often and read to them and then let them try reading to you. It's an awesome time to spend with your child and soon they'll enjoy any book.

    I grew up with Cat in the Hat. That is an excellent book for kids.

    Ms Sinclair

    Yes. I loved those books when I was a kid.

    goodnight moon : )

    War and Peace. Keeps them occupied for years.

    What about hooked on phonics.


    Great answer Papa, this system works wonders for kids.

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