interview question, what are your weaknesses?

    Am a cctv operator and a drioner

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    Weakness: No tolerance for Bulls**t. Tell the interviewer you never developed a taste for ass, and you don't own "kevlar" tee shirts to protect against back stabbers. If you don't get that job, you didn't want to work there anyway.
    Cocaine. In my 20s I was big into cocaine. This was when I was young and before I became a parent. It has been years since I've touched the stuff(I am drug free) and I never want to so much as look at it again. This is why I have cut all ties with old friends and even some family members because I am so weak when it comes to this drug.Wow, I hope I haven't offended anyone or let any of you down by revealing this info. This was many, many years in my past and I am a new person now.

    Aw, so totally impressed! What a huge thing to do! Impressive that you know it is a weakness so avoid it!

    You dont offend you are inspiring!!!!! You amaze me.... And by the way... :P is me sticking my tounge out...and :D is Colleen making a huge smile.
    dont know when to call it quits....
    cctv operator: I get the occasional shakes when under pressure.

    drioner: I only under perform because I haven't figured out what a drioner is , let alone is supposed to do.
    There is a weakness in me,and that "women" they sometime scare me.
    I just don't know how to get near them,I seem to shy away for some reason or other.Well now that I'm marry it don't matter anymore,but I still think about it.I sometime think that I was a coward,could be right,maybe I'll never know?

    Na, you're not a coward! Sometimes women scare me too and I'm one of them!
    Doing interviews.
    Classified interviews??
    I always early to be sure I am not late for work. Don't take breaks either.

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