how long does menopause last

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    Every woman has her own unique experience.
    ed shank

    Wife got it at 37, and the next five years were a living hell. I seriously considered leaving her. I called her Gyno, and exclaimed her behavior, her estrogen was adjusted and all went well after that.

    Hey, ed how to you spell...R E L I E F :-)
    ed shank

    Ms Sinclair

    Wow. 37 is really young. That must have been tough on the both of you.
    I think my sister-in-law has it since the very first day she was born.
    i thought menopause was a button on the vcr..
    For an average female life span of 83 years, I'd guess about 41 years.

    Don't be so rude. Men also go through a strange kind of menapause too. So, your turn is coming.

    Except ours lasts 41 minutes.;-)
    My mom went through it and we had to head for the hills, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. I really felt terrible for her.
    Way toooooooooooooo long
    i answered this and i don't see my answer here. it's important! it starts when you're about 48 and lasts about five years. you are in the depths of the despair of it when the sweet young thang at the copy store says, "why're you sweating ma'am?" and then she adds, "I actually think it's gonna snow
    today." you leave and forget your copies and refuse to return. ever.
    it's a time of strange changes and it's JUST AWFUL. estrogen helps but it can cause terrible problems which i do not care to talk about.
    (this is a one-woman report. pamela said each woman has her own unique experience. she's a smart one)

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