How can I wash my walls?

    How can I clean my walls without having to climb on something to reach AND do a good job?

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    Phone a freind and ask if He/she will do it for you..


    Did you mean wash your ba!!!!!!s

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    Unless you are really really tall or your walls are really really short you cannnot.

    I love Mr. Clean magic erases for scuffs ans marks

    buy a sponge mop. Usually they are 8" long 3-4" wide and come with a stick about 6' long. Use a light detergent that won't streak nor needs rinsing. Info at store on several products.

    lol Got to say I looked twice to see whther there was a misprint

    sponge mops work best! ..also use a detergent always work 4 me ;)

    Maybe you could hire someone.

    I got the perfect solution.Go to WalMart and get you a swiffer sweeper you can do your floors and walls.

    use a mop,they are 7' to 8' tall try this.

    Sugar soap

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