when i ask a question, i can very rarely find the answers easily. sometimes i can but it's definitely not consistent. does this happen to you?

    i left askqa for awhile because i got frustrated over this situation. maybe there's something wrong with my computer? (I'll be watching for an answer to this question, of course.)

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    Can you see me now?

    The notifications do not always work. That is frustrating because I myself miss a lot of comments to me. The system is flawed and I'm not sure if they can correct it. When it comes to seeing answers to questions you've asked, I would suggest going to your profile page, clicking on the questions link and looking at your questions to see if there are any answers.
    colleen: i got this! if it's flawed it's flawed and that's ok. i just thought it was my computer acting up and having yet another bad habit. (it does not make capital letters as you may guess or know)
    i found the perfect icebox cake recipe. there were about a million to sift through!

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