after two weeks apart and aot of hurt from my husband, why does he want to salvage our marriage?

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    somtimes you dont know a good thing till its gone...
    because he still loves you!! simple as that!
    Sadie Says

    OR he still wants to control you.

    I am not sure I even know what good love is anymore.
    He has played alot of head games and made me feel like I was only good for one thing. After all that has gone on my faith in love is tainted. But thank you...I just wish I thouht it was "simple as that".

    i guess i did not understand the full volume of the situation.. perhaps he is just clinging on to times past and cant get a grip on what he wants in life at your expence. maramite is right the choice is yours. if it's not worth salvaging time to move on lifes to short

    Lies, deceit, and mind games. His family and ex are a big factor too. They seem to tell him what to do and he says "How High". I am always put behind them, no matter what and when I want to add my two cents it ends up me being the bad guy. Trust me I got a ton of expamples. I dont know what he is thinking, but I hope he can see what a good thing we had. I do love him but will not give in. I need to be first in his life, in a healthy way of course. I dont want to be put behind his family and ex anymore. You guys are very supportive and I thank you very much. :)

    how are we doing today?
    2 weeks of a lifetime is nothing... If you want to continue to build a life with him.. Do so... Move on from what ever the issues are and charish one another.
    He doesn@t want your relationship to end and still feels something for you to want to save the marraige hence choice is down to you .

    marmite, i agree with your answer. tu.
    If he was abusive, don't go back. He'll only do it again.
    Unfortuneatly cops are people first, especialy when it comes to personal feelings.
    Easy to say but you will acheive nothing with bitterness, move on with your life. It would be extraordinary circumstances where a court would award custody to the father of a child I assume under the age of 10.
    If you have joint ownership of a house you may get a few dollars to help on your new journey, if he does not pay child support so be it, don`t go all nasty and cause youself and your child heart ache.
    Best of luck.
    Maybe the grass wasn`t as green as he hoped. Take him back but watch out if he starts to sharpen the lawn mower blades.

    Manupulation, lies and mind games are his choice of abuse. I dont trust his motives. He is using the system (he is a cop) to get custody of our child, he does not want to pay childsupport. He has addmitted this to me and others. I have been a full time mother and a part-time worker for all of our 10 years of marriage. He wanted to leave me with nothing and did alot of damage. Forgiveness is hard for me right now. I dont want him in my yard or on my lawn.
    Sadie Says

    If he is a police officer is there an Auxilary of spouses? Maybe they could be of some help. If not I would get a good lawyer/ Maybe not from your precinct, Contact legal aide. My 54 year old husband and his twenty-five yr old Midlife crisis Were found floating in the river passed out in a cadillac at 7:30 am.He worked for the Sheriff Dept. No Charges The old boys stick together!
    Honor, leave him. Don't put up with it any longer. The abuse may worsen.

    "It's cheaper to keep her." Lawyer, support......

    If he has treated you that way all the time time to make a decision let him go, move on with your life, let him go mistreat someone else and make their life hell and get  out of yours.

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