Who thinks its time for the world to fall under COMMUNISM??

    not saying i support communism , i'm just asking that should we go under communism gov. in the UNITED STATES ? by the way there is a communist party here

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    Will never happen!
    Will never happen. Never worked for any extended period of time, so why try it again? The only positive that existed with Communism was that EVERYONE worked. You were told where to report too. If you didn't you went to the Gulag. You would ultimately die there.

    I worked in a coffee house for street people for a couple of weeks. (a class) Nobody worked. They sat around and drank coffee and ate donuts. I knew that some of them were not able to work. How is that handled?
    I will look up Gulag.
    It's just failed in to many different nations to ever take hold on the world in it's current form. China isn't even a true communist country anymore, they have adopted capitalist ideas and it had done wonders for their economy. I think it's an interesting question with some realistic answers, thumbs up.
    the problem with communism is that everyone is supposed to be equal and have the same chances! not a bad idea! but the so called equal people who run everything become a very much more equal than the people who elected them.
    power corrupts! as it does in nearly every walk of life! :-)

    Understandable. Thank you. : )
    The way I see thing going, is self destruction,government haven't any solution to this world situation that we have created for our self. No matter who or what,we choose to rule this world,either be mad or out of is mind,or a complete dictatorship like Adolf Hitler.
    Sorry but I see no future for the world.Over populate were running into each other.Now you got me bye.
    it looks like it might be heading more towards socialism, communism was great in theory, "all were equal" except those who dictate the laws, demoracy is falling cause the people no longer have the power, anything that makes sence for the people congress shots down.but mark my words we are heading towards a one world goverment unfortunitaly it will be a total dictatorship

    Well I disagree. I have as much power over my life as I've ever had.

    You say: " the people no longer have the power". Like what ???

    I can buy a car. I can buy groceries. Take a vacation. Play golf. Bowl. etc etc etc etc.

    I'm 73 years old. I can't think of ONE thing that any politician has done to affect my life .... except RAISE MY TAXES.

    Are you saying you need the government to make choices for you ????? You can't make them ??? Why not ???//
    That's old school.. I don't think Communism but i see the USA falling into a socialism govmt. the word 'social' is the in word now.. Add the 'ism' to it and you have the future of America.

    it does not work

    Communism does not even work in the countries that have lived in it for a lifetime.  And I for one do not want to have to stand in line for toilet paper.

    communism is almost gone socialism is coming

    Kim Jung-Il, Fidel Castro and Evo Morales, to name a few.

    As mentioned already, Communism is a good concept but like most concepts it doesn`t work.

    Human greed and trying to be top of the tree is a ingrained in too many humans.

    Incidently the term "top of the tree" actualy comes from a tribe of monkeys where the patriarch sits at the very top of a tree untill a stronger monkey pushes him off.

    Who said we did not evolve from apes?


    whats communism?

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