where are there any at? can you please help me?

    i am astudent at college and im a single mom and i really need to move< because there are atotal of 8 people whom is living here at my parents home and its too crowded. i am on the section 8 waiting list. has been since April 7, 2011.

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    it could be worse at least you got a roof over your head.. a crowded house can be worse than an epty house, consider it all a challenge, one day when after you graduate and are successfull in your field..hopefully you'll look back and laugh on the way to the bank....good luck and may god truelly bless....daren
    Wow--- Good luck, I hope that college education works out for you..
    Wow, you're in college? Someone let you graduate high school with all those grammatical errors? Amazing.

    Anyway, I grew up in a small cape with 7 siblings and 2 parents for a total of 10 people in the house.

    Are you a princess type personality who believes she needs her own room and space anywhere she lives?

    Maybe you should have held off on having a baby until you were old enough to have one. I hope you practice safe sex now.

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