Do you like Police Officers?

    How do you feel about them and the tasks they perform

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Good question Thumbs up.

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    I think they are doing a great job putting their lives on the line for the sake of society.

    My best friend was a cop till cancer got him. Ya gotta remember there human too..

    Bad Doggy

    Getting cancer and coppers abusing their powers are two entirely different things

    Headless Man

    There are cops that abuse their power just as there congress men that do. we may be able to do without congress for awhile, but we need law control.

    Really can't live well without them. For anybody who doesn't like them or have had bad experiences you will appreciate them when you need help.

    Absolutely fine with them ,what would the world be like without them .Yes i have been done for speeding on 1 or 2 occasions and it's annoying but hey it keeps the roads safer.I have had to call the police out on several occasions to help me out with situations in my business ,they are round within minutes ,the downside is the time spent giving verbal evidence whilst they write it all down ,go away and do nothing,but that is not their fault that old fashioned systems are in place and their workload is so high they don't have time to act on everything.

    Honest ones I do, but not all are as is the way in life with any one.

    I don't have a problem with the police.Only when they sit at a red light and watch people talk on their cell phones.Our i go to city building And find police cars parked in the handicapped spots.Our city is broke they need to write more tickets.

    I like everyone, butt sad 2 say I have had a few unpleasant meetings with 1 police officer. ! day after he came to my house ringing my doorbell, sorta acting big and bad in his POLICE UNIFORM and his POLICE CAR in my driveway, trying to impress a friend of his who happens to live a few doors away from me. After threantening me with alot of BS, he left. Next day i go to police headquaters, and find that there was no record of him being at my home. I went to internal affairs and after much time spent there i got no answers from them for 3 months. When i went back they tell me no such officer came to my home. I did some investagion on my own and found out his name, went back to IA gave it to them and 1 year passed with no answer. there is much more that happened later if anyone wants to hear it

    They have a tough job. Getting paid 75k is very low when someone is shooting at U and the other crap that they have to put up with on a daily basis. However some of them R worthless, thinking that when they put on a gun&badge they R God and can do anything they want! 4 the most part though I think that citizens R happy to have them around.

    Some are good, and some are bad. The training needs adjusting, like for
    moral ambivalence. Not just physical standards but moral standards.. at this time
    there is none. =]

    Bad Doggy is that because you are a Bad doggy?

    Bad Doggy

    No, just misunderstood

    Bad Doggy

    Fact is, I've never actaully met a NICE copper!

    Bad Doggy

    And I'm still angry at that copper who left a couple of police dogs in the car last summer, they got microwaved. See, a good dog handler would NEVER allow that to happen they love their dogs too much.

    Bad Doggy

    There are many who think they are above the law. You very rarely hear of coppers being convicted for murder, even when the evidence is stacked against them.. because the law is on their side and their mates inside help them out.

    Headless Man

    If they kill someone wile doing their job, thats not murder, maybe manslaughter.


    Have you ever tried being nice to them i.e treating them as a friend ? They are very human ,just doing a job.

    " to protect and serve " or "to bust balls and collect revenue?" I find them to be egotistial and obnoxious! They are not heros, they are overpaid,over benefited self appointed gods.

    I like police officers that are honestly out there to serve and protect, but the problem is that over half of a single task force are crooked ITS NOT FAIR

    Yes, they do a fantastic job for very little pay. Governments should pay them much more, we would then have a lot more police enrolling in the Force which would be better for our safety. Those who don't like the police are obviously not doing the right thing. Who will they call when they are in trouble???? The police, of course!!

    i dont have a problem with them.i think we should all be thankful they make sure we are very thankful they park in front of my kids school make sure kids are safe when crossing and nobody speeding when kids are out.

    Those who don't like the police are obviously not doing the right thing.

    So Hayley Adamson, 16, who died after being hit by a car driven by PC John Dougal while speeding in May 2008 and then branded as a 'scumbag' by Pc Julie Neve and Sgt Lynne McKevitt minutes after her death was not doing the right thing?

    Please, DO NOT insult my intelligence.

    Easy answer: NO

    Bad Doggy

    My job involves working in liaison with police officers, dickwad.

    Headless Man

    You must like breaking the law.........

    No problem ,I am more concerned with our crooked politicians and the harm that they have implemented in the last two years on US.

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