i do not drink alchohol but i have an abnormal liver,what can cause this and is there a cure

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    If what you are calling an abnormal liver is the result of ingesting something chemical in nature, and that being the cause of your liver's condition, sometimes over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) over a long period of time are said to be bad for the liver. Google the side effects of any medication you might take. Another pertinent area of research could be drinking water, as until a test of the water you drink or drank for awhile is never really know what you are drinking. This isn't the all conclusive answer you might have sought, but it is a direction to go, if you think something outside of genetics or your normal physiology could be the cause of this. A process of eliminition such as this, is a logical way of looking into it.

    The OTC meds may also be a reason. Thanks Shootah.

    You are welcome. From my own personal experience, I found Tylenol to be good for chronic pain, but really bad for the liver. Live and learn I guess!
    You may have a congenital deformity (from birth). If you were born with a deformed liver, it might be surgically repaired. Contact a doctor to find out more information.

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