charlie sheen today show appearance.

    What do you think about it?
    Is he completely insane?

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    5 Answers

    As we all know Charlie Sheen needs help. I think those who are in charge should stop interviewing him. He's under drug and alcohol influence, looks like an idiot/moron. It's not entertaining, it's sad. I pray for a divine intervention on his behave. Everybody needs help, and he is one of them!!!

    candid unapologetic and speaks his mind, who are we to judge ?

    He definately is not in his right mind. I think he believes he is better than others. I hope God grants him humility and he is able to straighten his life out.

    Charlie is your typical Prima Donna. He is in never never land, this is what drugs do to ya. He knows everything, everybody is stupid. Now he wants to be paid twice as much 4 his 2 1/2 men character and that CBS owes him millions 4 his "pain&suffering, yea it looks like he is really hurt. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Go do some more "magic" Charlie. Take your millions and go get some aids then we will see how smart U R. Oh that's right U have the cure, right? LOL

    hes human he screws up hes admitted he has a problem grow up people hes paying his dues

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