Can you name a song that talks about Jesus?

    Nothing gospel,hymnal,or Contemporary Christian, please.

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    "Dropkick Me Jesus Through The Goal Post of Life"

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    u2s :still havent found what im looking for:

    spiritual  nobody knows my trouble like JESUS  L Armstrong  played and sang it  ""

    "Jesus, Take The Wheel"  by Carrie Underwood

    Jesus Lamb of God

    "Everything is Beautiful" by Ray Stevens. The beginning is very cute with a children's chorus singing "Jesus loves the little children..."

    Randy everyone in the world is talking about GOD.Maybe you should listen.JESUS LOVES YOU DON

    Headless Man


    Like Jesus Walks - Kanye West

    kudos to randy palmer .id rather bow down now on my own then be forced later!!

    Headless Man

    Me too......

    jesus met the woman at the well

    Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill. Beautiful song......

    Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Love

    Why Me Lord--Kris Kristofferson

    Jesus is just alright with me...Doobie Brothers

    Her's another one:
    Genesis: "...Jesus he loves me and he knows I'm right, I've been talking to Jesus all my life..."


    Jesus is alright by George Harrison


    personal jesus by marylin manson

    Jesus is Just alright by the Doobie Brothers, Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode,

    His Name Is Jesus: by The Courothers& Inc. {am not quiet sure how they spell their name}I apoligize

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    hah le lu lah

    l can name All Hail the power of Jesus name

    glen cambell / i knew jesus before he was a superstar !!!
    ripper of a song and i hope you listen to it !!!

    Jesus was a capricorn by Kris Kristofferson.....Phil B Smith Devon

    The man from nazerath a song from the 70s

    spirit in the sky

    Yeah but why bother? There already is enough CRAP on this site about Jesus.


    Randy I am so very sorry you feel the way you do about Jesus. I hope you will one day soon realize the truth before you have to answer to him.

    Headless Man

    Go worship what you want, you will bow before him soon.

    Headless Man

    Sorry Darci, I made the comment not not the stupid statement.

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