Another scientific discovery will rewrite the prehistoric story, did we get it wrong again?

    Recently there has been a discovery near the Netherlands of a 8,000 to 10,000 year old city underwater. Not to mention the one's off Japan's coast, as well as Greece's coast.

    The artifacts that have been recovered are from the mid-prehistoric era, the tools discovered have promoted new thought into the caveman theories.

    Now scientists have to admit that man was much more advanced then previously given credit for. To me this proves the flood in the Bible. It also proves that there were no such thing as cavemen. Now the history books will be re-written yet another time.

    Do you take science as truth? With every new discovery comes more information proving our past theories wrong. How accurate do you think our scientific theories are?

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    Well at least they are still looking.
    It's only a question about science and it's accuracy, no need to get upset over it. I think that it's an interesting discovery. When we are taught one thing is school, and our children are taught something very different I believe it's a ironic.

    We think we know so much about our planet and we keep finding out that we really don't know all that much.

    that's true Leeroy
    it'd be amazing to know that what we are taught at school before will be something entirely different, looked at from different perception and knowledge. what we know today will be just a 'mistake' in history that will be fixed by another mistake...
    thank you for sharing this with us :D

    I apologize for misinterpreting your intent Leeroy.

    YAY :D let's celebrate friendship again ... cheers
    PLUS COLLEEN, don't blame Australia for your bad habits :#

    Thanks for the support DH, It's crazy how the truth we think we know now is gonna be almost completely different in twenty years or less.

    If you research all of the theories from the turn of the century on how life on earth came about, you would see how laughable they are today. Anyway I think when a new discovery happens that rewrites the history books, it's really note worthy.

    It is very very note worthy since it's all about learning from a mistake...

    Thanks Colleen, no worries, and thanks DH, yeah science is trial and error. I will mention a story on an answer check it out.

    I am with you Leeroy. Before computers I studied research papers in various libraries. The index of periodicals provided me with articles and what references were used to write the articles. I would burrow deep into those articles in search of the basic research that had inspired this deluge of opinion. Observing the various twists and turns that served to dramatize the boring facts magically may be a writers license, but the facts were smeared and intent often ignored to favor sensationalism and scandal to electrify readers with a foggy idea of true. If that.
    Whatever the case, I'm thankful for science. We'd still be living in caves and huts riding beast of burden and gathering sticks to cook and keep warm with if it wasn't for science.

    Nothing in life is perfect. Nothing ever will be. Life is not meant to be perfect. God allows information as we need it. When He finds it important enough for us to know how old this planet is, then He'll make it known.

    But to keep picking at science just to prove the validity of your religion just seem rather cult-ish to me. I've never known a religion that pushes so hard and mocks so much just to prove it is real.

    Not to mention that I haven't posted a scientific question for at least a month, this has nothing to do with my church it's what I an interested in.

    I just remember what happened the last time you got into a tangle with believers of the scientific theory. Post after post after post of new "evidence" that the scientists were wrong about everything. That's what I was going on.
    Can we please get over this? It's bordering on juvenile now. Who bloody cares?????????????????

    Such language Colleen.Where are you learning this?

    I blame the Aussies :)

    I have to take it back and blame the Brits. Dh will eat too much ice cream if I don't.

    YAY Blame the Brits :D
    Good b/c i was about to run out of ice cream today, i'm saving the last one for tonight, when mom will be visiting my apartment.../chills/....

    Bloody bloody bloody Yanks are even pinching the Great Australian Adjective bloody bloody. Is nothing sacred, bloody hell I shouldn`t have used the "S" word in this question.

    I have no doubt mankind will continue to explore the past and find new "truths" after all these professors could not hold down a real job, hang on hang on I don`t mean ALL professors just the paper shufflers.

    I pinched the English ffs too :)
    A lot of our history is BS. Its really bad. Everyone has an opinion, or an opinion of an opinion of an opinion of a story over heard in a tavern. And these are the barely readable words of a partly educated Flemish farm girl at the age of 9 from that period written in a dialect of flemish and old German and translated by Balzak into Chinese and back to english. So this is what was said…..
    I went on a booze/snorkeling cruise in the keys with my girlfriend and another couple. The captain was telling us about all of the ancient artifacts that he found when working on a treasure seeking ship.

    He said the stuff had to be thousands of years old, but the water preserves it, and if not exposed to oxygen it won't decay nearly as fast. Something that lasts a hundred years on land, can last thousands underwater.

    Anyway he worked with the famous treasure hunter that has the museum in the keys, I visited it and it was sooooo cool. You can actually buy gold doubloons there. Cool place to visit. Good night everyone.

    Good night Leeroy.

    Night Colleen. Night everyone...
    I have always believed there were many advanced civilisations before us.

    Atlantis. They blew themselves up playing with nuclear energy.

    Now, it's Fukushima.
    Scientific 'theories' are nothing but drops of water in an ocean. They gather them through what they 'know' of. But the question is 'how much is it that they know of?' which is 'not much' at all. which is why they keep on been proven wrong from time to time, the more we start researching deeper. So don't trust something, but do take it into consideration. it's nice to keep an open mind for every possibilities and not stick to few.
    Good to see your on the ball leeroy
    The whole of the North Sea and English channel were once above water. British trawlers often catch Dinosaur and Mammoth bones in their nets. But this is not new information.
    Some Aborigines believe that their ancestors walked on dry land from Mesopotamia to Australia.

    The 'cavemen' where futives from other tribes and races.
    King david was a cave man when Saul army was hunting him.

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