What is the best way to remove a wood-tick?

    And, what happens if you leave the head in?

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    put a little rubbing alchohol on it, and that will kill it. Some people say to put a little clear nail polish on it to acheive the same results
    We used to pour a little kerosene on them.Don't leave the head in or it will get infected & you will be seriously sick.
    put vasaline over it so he cant breath and he will back out, you dont want a dead tich festering inside your skin.
    Put rubbing Alcohol on Tick. It will be easier to remove with Tweezers. Burn it with a match, to be sure its dead. They are extremely hard to kill otherwise. Rub area again w. Alcohol. You will remove head and all this way. If Area Has red ring around after removing tick (called Bullseye) and is very itchy you need to get checked for Lyme disease.
    after i got it out id take it to the health dept to have it tested to be sure it didnt give me something
    Thanks, those are all great answers! I had one crawling on me today and have "felt" several more! :P
    Ohhhhhhhh when I was 13 I had a tick on my breast (right side) .Our handsome male neighbor removed it while I stood in the kitchen with him, his wife, and my mother. I don't know what else my mother could have done. I was hysterical & totally refused to go to the doctor.
    Did they feel "neat"? Monkey?

    They felt crawly!! Yucky bugs!

    Just saw your comment on my answer about yodeling! Actually the ticks didn't feel neat, cool or cute! LOL

    "Too girly, even for you." Did you know that I am a girl and that pink is my favorite colour? ;)

    Girl, favourite colour pink, breathing (I assume) you sound my type of girl, come on make the picture complete and tell me you are Australian. Well if you are not at least you can spell coloUr.
    Thumbs up always appreciated.

    I had a rudie re your question but decided to pass, it had to do with "what happens if you leave the head in?"

    I'm really glad you refrained, Peoplelover! I'm afraid I can't complete the picture with being Australian, but next best...Canadian! Good enough?

    Yeah! love Canadians, best thing after NZers and of course in first place a big bronze Aussie. In my case a slightly brown, slightly over weight, grey haired but still a Aussie and proud of it.

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