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    I am keeping 2 of my nephews.. One has terrible B O and the others feet stink... They have already taking a shower and still smell... I dont want to hurt thier feelings ..but I cant take a week of this rancid smell. Got any suggestions?

    So AKA buddies.. I decided to lube them up with sunscreen and leave them in the pool for the week.... LOL I am almost kidding....

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    My nephew is like that. It's the foods he eats. Too much junk food and sugary snacks. I had him here for a summer. 2 weeks of good wholesome foods and plenty of veggies took the odor away. Back home with mom and a few weeks into it she complained that he had an odor again even after showering. I tried to tell her, good foods but she didn't listen. Oh well.
    Givem a bottle of smell good for men tellem the girls love the fragence
    hey I just talk to the ants and roachs,said where moving out too of here,can't take this no more
    Hey a bad thing,could be a good thing,it might keep the mosquito out of the house,just have to pinch your nose for will

    Awesome!!! But the ants and roachs are going to be loooking for a free meal.

    That's like killing two bird with one stone,clean up the house,I told you! A bad thing ,could be good thing. By the way, I don't kill bird,well I do eat them,chicken,ext.
    I know it's not funny to you but...Lol. How thoroughly do they clean themselves? Maybe you should get a can of air freshener and, not so subtly, spray it near them. P.S.- What do they eat? That could affect the way they smell too.

    One literally smells like poo.. Not gas but poo. THe feet thing I can put some odor eater in all the shoes in hte house.. That wont make him feel uncomfortable. But the BO is god awful.
    Ms Sinclair

    Yuck. You have my sympathy.

    It could be poop. Look up encorporesis. this is a serious illness and the child must go to a doctor for a diagnosis. it could go on for years. TALK TO HIS PARENTS. are you sure you want him in the pool. how old is he? i have a relative who is four and is suffering from this. a true dx can not be given until age 5. with this illness, the child will not be able to detect the odor. some neurological thing keeps him from smelling his own odor. oh, i'm sorry.

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