This Q. is for us older Generation What was your favorite radio show. do you remember all the sound effects they could create with just ordinary run of the mill items.

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    Amos and Andy, bet none of you remember them.

    I so remember them and have a funny story about my dad's barber shop and a phone call....later.
    there was a show i listened to called' BLUEBOTTLE'. a class room of boys with a cane happy teacher this of course before t.v.
    Hey DJ... where's the Base!
    The Shadow knows!

    Do you remember how they could make the sound of a door opening so slow and scary on the radio
    Ms Sinclair

    Yes I do.

    Yup, I remember that show :)

    Have to skite and show you how my old brain still works. "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, the shadow knows. The shadow who years ago on a visit to the Orient learnt the strange and mysterious power to cloud mens` minds so they could not see him"
    Sadie Says

    We used to set around the radio at 8 O'clock every Saturday night to listen to The Lone Ranger.
    I can still hear the announcer's voice.
    Ms Sinclair

    Hi HO Silver. Away!
    'Yes What'.Did you get it over there? 3 Kids in school & a harassed school master.My brother & me nearly peed our pants laughing at it.
    Yeah, technology certainly has changed practically every facet of our lives.

    I miss the good ole days...
    When I was A kid< last week< we listened to : The search for the golden boomerang (sponsered by Hoadlys chocolate) Dad and Dave (forget sponser) Yes what (Blue bottle)( sponsered by Mortein insect spray, "When you`re on a good thing stick to it" Doctor Mac ( 'Y" Cough") Biggles, First light Fraser, Martins` Corner( Mothers choice flour & Kinkara tea) Mrs `obbs. Lux Radio theatre, Bob Dywers Pick a box. I could go on forever. Tales From The Fur Trails (sponsered by Buckleys Canadiol Mixture)

    I can remember some of these too
    I forgot to mention anything done by Orson Wells' Mercury Theater including War Of The Worlds.

    Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion"

    This question is a year old, so I'm a year older. I still remember the creaking door though....

    I use to love this show called "how green is my cactus" :)


    me too, loved it

    Sammy sparrow, when I was a OZ

    the goon show...........spike milligan,harry secombe and peter sellers.

    Not the show but the segment:

    Abbot and Costello:  Who's On First?

    What about 'Dick Barton Special Agent '  or  'Journey into Space'.  BBC Light Programme 1940's & 50's.

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