What age is appropriate for dating?

    For boys and for girls.

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    Very important question in todays society. Thumbs Up!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    My answer is pertaining to females ages. If it makes sense how about thumbs up? Here is your for a great question!

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    I think that around 15 is a good time but unfortunately that is something that as a parent is out of our control for the most part. I remember my son met a young girl at 13 and asked me for condoms. I was thrown sideways...literally. Not knowing what to do about it I found myself in the condom section feeling absolutely ridiculous.."13...he's a fricken baby" I thought. I felt like some kind of a weird pervert even considering the idea.Looking at the rack I saw glow in the dark, ribbed for more pleasure and the list went on. My heart raced as I didn't have any idea what the hell I was even doing there."Do I promote safe sex or do I stick my head in the sand?" Eventually my eyes wondered and I noticed pimple cream or some type of face cleanser..guess what...that's what he received that day. I could not as parent condone what was going to take place. Instead I went home and talked to him about how he was going to forever effect the girl he was enamoured by. That was the one thing for her that once gone would not be replaceable.I knew one day if not immediately after she would regret it and her feelings for my son would change.If he really liked her , waiting for A LONG TIME would be best. I knew that no matter how I tried to stop the two of them, they would sneak and meet no matter what. I did speak to her father and was shocked to hear from him" Well what were you doing at 13?" The girls father...the man that is supposed to protect her was promoting it...or was he being realistic? I was told by my son that I am old fashioned.I have realized over the years now that promoting safe sex whether it be condoms or birth control is the best option.Really talking to them about waiting is very advisable. It will happen beyond your control in some cases. Our children are brought up with sex all around them, t.v., music, their friends,even at times their own families. It would be nice to set an age but I think truthfully unless you have a strict hand on your child...prepare them but educate them as well and be an example yourself. So many split marriages and parents dating. Your actions speak very loud to your children.Please don't take me wrong I think 13 is way crazy but sometimes out of our control.

    I think 30 would be good if you could keep them virgins till then. Just think of all the things we could accomplish if no one had an interest in the opposite sex until then. Then get married have a boy and girl retire and live happily ever Only dreaming again.


    I like that thought!!

    Very tough question, It does really depend on the kid and whom he or she is dating. I think that a supervised date would be o.k. at the younger ages. Once kids reach 15 or 16 they're on their own and you have to trust that you did your best in raising them.

    It depends on the maturity level of the girl. Has she ever let you down in the past? Or blatney disobeyed you wishes? If you think she is trustworthy and has shown you this in the past, I would say 15 for a one on one date with a curfew and 14 if you pick them up and drop them off at lets say a movie.
    If she is rebellious she is going to find away to do what ever she wants. So by setting dating rules equal for both girls she will be more likely to accept your rules.

    When we were in elementary school we were told to ask our parents. My Dad and Mom agreed on 16 for group dating and 18 for ... well what would you call it when you go on a date with just your date?... dating?! I guess I did follow there advice, but it wasn't for lack of wanting! LOL

    girls mature alot earlier than boys, and if you want a serious relationship, perhaps 15ish, my friends met when they were 16 and are married now
    Everybody has their own opinions, that's mine. :)

    The way the world is now maybe never or maybe 92?

    Sonia Orozco

    very funny!


    Good one Maybe ask your parents?


    Well I am much older and hopefully learned a lot in life and see how people are today. But I am still learning too.

    ask dr.Ruth

    don't be too sexstest


    I know boys hurt too, but I do think that girls are more interested in sex from early age. All the princess things, all the dreamy stuff, all the handsome princes. All the bride stuff!Girls really go for a love forever kinda thing. I'm not sexist. For heavens sake, it was I who had to have sex the day after highschool and was not able to wait a day longer. I think my husband had a magic wand or something that kept him a virgin in an easier way.
    tee hee.

    Hi, Long John:
    Here I am with a late apology. Yes, I was definitely being sexist. I was the voice of the Dinosaur.
    Hope to see you on the site more.

    I understand. Thank You. (I was just looking through the archives)

    after 18..i guess

    in my opion it all depends on the person,but i think 14 to 15 should be where it starts.

    When children want sex I don't think all the sweet, soft talk in the world is gonna change their minds. I HAD to get married when I was 18. My husband insisted that he marry a virgin and I could not wait a day longer. I got married the day after highschool graduation. And we lived happily ever after. If sex was allowed sooner, it would have been better. We could have finished school earlier and easier. All I wanted was a baby or two. (and the sex that went with it)

    I'm100% for buying your kids condoms. Girls have to be lectured so they don't think it's gonna be a forever thing. Sex can just be for fun.

    ask dr. laura. heh!

    About three years for boys and about six for girls.

    i dont know a good answer when dating should start. i dont recall when my kids started dating. i know as soon as i found out my daughter was having sex, i took her straight to the doctor for check up AND birth control. i couldnt decide if i was enabling her or not. but i did realize if she was going to do it she would find a way. better safe than sorry.and i thank God she dont whore around. then id really have to take some action. chastity belt, may be.

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