why am i so addicted to ghost adventures?

    like when i am online all i do its look for more news about this show .I've bought 2 seasons of them and cant wait to buy more. why am i being like this.

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    Maybe, your subconscious secretly longs to be a ghost.
    Maybe it appeals to some underlying belief within yourself that you hadn't really stopped and taken the time to consciously consider the possibility of, therefore it fascinates you to watch people delve into the possibility of spirits being lost in time and place. As though, they just didn't want give up their presence on earth, although their physical being no longer exists. I have never saw or heard a ghost myself. But, if a person was to believe there was the possibility of a person having a soul, I don't think it would be that much of a stretch in a person believing in a spirit, and the spirit having the capability to linger in a place that is familiar to it. Who is there to say spirits exist, and who is there to say they don't, for neither side can factually disprove the other, just by virtue of our physical limitations. For as simple human beings, we neither have the ability to see the full spectrum of light, nor hear the sound waves beyond what our ears allow us to...yet we know they exist through other means. A long time ago, I once read a book written by a doctor who had the experience of having talked with people who had near death experiences and out of body experiences, who recounted things that were beyond their physical capability to explain. Things that were accurate, but that they had no physical or logical way to possibly, who really knows? I don't, I'm just sharing some possibly intriqueing thought.
    curious. i am too but sick of it. i never see anything, just a bunch of people trying to scare the crap out of each other. amusing

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