OK, How to run the AKAQA?

    We know what we like, liked, wanted to see here. So I'm betting the Wizard of AKAQA is aware of us and is Looking for ways that we will like rather than going away to the other blog spots that is drawing on us to go there. Yes categories are great but the old-tmers had it pretty sweet. But we're really crowded now and Categories should be required when posing a question so we can choose the ball parks we would like to play in.

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    Click on the Categories tab found just above the "what would you like to ask" bar.


    If you type in a category in the top search bar, anything tagged under that category will be displayed.
    How do you keep the underage where they belong? They can type any age into the app if it's an age limit to get to the adult side.

    We have an 8 year old running around here right now ffs.
    Grit Savage

    with a colour code they would be easier to weed out if they signed up with a false age, unless we all suddenly developed a taste for the finer artistic merits of pokemon an wat pets we wud liek!!! then it may get a wee bit difficult ;-)
    Hi PL. It does kind of suck now. answering a bunch of questions most don't see the answers to, chasing little kids off the site, trying to remember all the people I use to know here who have fun anymore. Might as well leave the place to the kids to trash. Can't even find an admin. I think they abandoned ship.
    We're all over the place, lol. We just answer questions we know the answer to or can search out on line and move on to the next. There's not a lot of socializing anymore. This new site has killed that.
    Unanswered questions remain where they are until they get answered and then they move to this board. Essentially, there are two boards but all categories mix on them. The last forum was one continuous board with both answered and unanswered on it. There's no place away from the traffic where the actual members can meet. We can only meet and communicate with each other here on the answered board.
    It's hard to "pull together" here because any topic we start together gets buried under 10 pages of mostly stupid questions and children using the site as a playground. I'm not sure how easy that problem can be fixed. Not too many are willing to search 10 pages or more to find a topic the regulars might be hanging out in only to post once and have the topic buried again within minutes.
    Ok. I've been going to familiars profile to see where you and others are active and to see whats been said. see you later thanks.
    I marked this to be part of social groups but there is nothing there. I thought the question would be posted to that group and it did vanish off the unanswered questions and into answered questions. So do we go to answered questions to break away from the stream of questions ...I'm answering my own question. The unanswered questions will simply vanish into oblivion. There's lots that I ignore too.Thanks Colleen XO
    Getting into the front door isn't so bad. But lets face it, this place is a huge echo chamber compared to how we were more familiar and small. My QA here seems like I'm writing into a tiny bottle floating far out to sea. That may be because its a group problem. We are familiar with each other and may just need to pull together to compare notes.
    I have to agree colleen, not the "connection" anymore.
    a section for the kiddies would be appreciated! or a colour code to state that you are of a certain age. ie- yellow for anyone up to 18, blue for 18 - 30!! you get the drift. :-)

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