What is rebolation?

    What are their origins? The boots they wear? And any other information on this dance.

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    Born out of Brazilian rave culture and perpetuated by online video tutorials, the Rebolation dance is yet another bit of choreography that allows dancers to appear as if they are floating about the dance floor. The key is to take the Portuguese translation of Rebolation to heart when performing the dance; from the verb rebolar, the word means "to sway" or "to swing." Moving forward, the Rebolation dancer merely kicks his or her feet out in exaggerated fashion while walking, using the heels as a pivot for the turning of the opposing foot. In reverse, it is the balls of the feet that serve as a pivot point.


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    Performing the Rebolation takes a little practice, but not much. It is best to start with the forward movements. The left or right foot is kicked out abruptly to plant the heel, as the other foot is brought to a plant at a perpendicular angle. The lead foot is then planted by lowering the ball of the foot to the floor to a position that is perfectly parallel to the rear foot. The walk is then continued by kicking out the next natural walking step.


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