What do you think of frank people offering unwelcome criticism?

    What do you think of frank people offering unwelcome criticism about you or just about anything?

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    Grit Savage

    sometimes the truth hurts! would you prefer to live your life ignorant of your faults? or would you rather know?

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    I guess it boils down to telling some of them if I want your opinion I will ask you or beat it out of you.......

    I think it best to keep your thoughts to yourself. Advice not asked for or warranted is just being nosy, mean or cruel or a busy body of which I have no use for any of them.

    quite frankly unwelcome criticism should not be welcome

    It depends on the form of criticism...sometimes not reacting at first and giving the criticism a day to sink in can completely make you see it for the truth it mentioned above the truth hurts and usually pain can cause a knee jerking reaction. Then there are people either trying to be funny or just stuck in that "misery likes company" crap.I have seen through the years that people from other countries are just naturally more frank and don't realize that a lot of people wear their heart on their sleeve and take what they are saying as rude when in fact is not meant to be.I guess it also depends when you are the criticizer whether you are judging or giving helpful advice.

    I don't like unsolicited criticism. It's OK to have a different opinion and if there is a general discussion, then it's open season on sharing yours and them sharing theirs, but I find it intrusive when a person has to feel that they need to be heard on matters that don't concern them.

    Ther's a fine line between being 'frank' and insulting. Sometimes (like if a person has body odour) you'll probably find the recipient won't tell the diff

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