What makes a teacher loved & remembered?

    What kind of traits does a teacher need to hold and how should he behave in order to be remembered by his students?

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    Taught high school many years and loved it. I always referred to each student as Mr. or Ms. and what ever their last names were. I believe that they saw this as a sign of respect from me to them. I showed them that they were going to pass my class no matter what I had to do. The teacher "Apple thing", we'll I came into class one day and there was a crate of apples on my chair, I laughed like crazy and they applauded. Made me feel good. I run into one of them nearly every month usually at the mall with their kids and am introduced as dads Math teacher.

    There are 3 teachers that I think about often ,2 of them were kind ,smiling ,amusing listened to us ,laughed with us and at the same time got their point across, The third was quite the opposite and seemed only interested in the kids that came from the wealthy families (unfortunately ) I wasn't one of these . I am aware that pupils and their respect for teachers has changed over the years ,so possibly the first 2 teachers with a little more discipline thrown in , if needed.

    As years go by, the teachers I am most grateful for are those who taught me something useable, and who taught repect for this country.

    His way of teaching the pupils and his behavior with them, if the teacher discriminates, he will never be a remembered one

    the teacher needs to be kind and truly understanding. the kids may not remember the teacher as years go by but they will have power and esteem of their own.

    I am a substitue teacher.... My main concern when I am in the classroom is for the kids, no matter who they are or where the come from, to know that someone loves and excepts them. There is no such thing as a bad kid. There are many kids in bad situations.

    One that truly believes in helping to teach and belives in their students and I have always believed that actions speak louder than words.

    I had a civics teacher when I was in the 8th grade I am 63 yrs old now and that teacher instilled in me many things that I have lived by all my life even today I still have grateful feelings toward her and I'll say this Heres to you Mrs. Boone A Big Thank You for helping me become the person I am today Thank You

    a teacher that believes in them, tells them what they can do not what they can't, a teacher that uses any quality that the kids have and turns it in to something positive, even if it seems negative at first. ;] be creative with it. A kid that talks too much? maybe that opens a spot for dialogue with the students. =]

    Caring more for the student than renumeration and retirement. Enjoying the discipline of teaching and the reward of seeing young people awaken to new insights and understanding.

    The above concept is VERY rare indeed. A legacy of countless lives are formed from those who possess such intellectual wealth and devotion to their profession and students.

    I will never forget Mr. Shufflebotham, he locked my Sister in the cupboard for misbehaving, inside were all the skeletons used in the science labs. Arrgghhhhh

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