are leukemia shots necessary for cats?

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    Yes, they are. They are VERY important.
    Yes, along with rabies shots.
    yes if your cat goes out if your cat is a house cat I cant see the point in putting in more unessary chemicals when they dont go out I could be wrong in this this just my veiw and I have had 10 cats at one time what ever you do good luck with your cat
    My girlfrined had 3 cats that got feline leukemia; that's b/c she lets them go outside all the time. I got my first of 3 cats the vaccination, but only once; and didn't get my other 2 cats the vac. My 2nd cat hardly ever leaves the yard,and for once, there's no cats around here. My 3rd cat doesn't want to go out.
    My answer to that is YES if they are outdoors any or around other animals. If indoors only as mine are I had them all tested for feline leuk. before ever bringing into home with others. They are all neg and I never ever let them around other animals even when I take to the vets they are inside their carry case and I do not let the other animals around them nor do I take them out until in the vets ofc and I know he sprays his table then they are out. So therefore to cut down on costs for me as I take all the above precautions they do get their shots once a year the ones they need but since I have to be very careful and thrifty with my income the vet said that shot is not necessary for mine since I do keep them indoors and they do not come in contact with others.
    You'll need to if your cat is going to be around other cats. Feline leukemia is catching (among cats, not cat to human).

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