Been to sherriff court regarding debt after loosing my job entered into debt managment plan have now got new job but it requires PVG check for working with vunrable people dont want to tell new employer about this will it show up on my disclosure

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    It might, maybe if you just explain it and tell them your taking care of it. As long as it doesn't have to do with children you should be ok. I know how you feel telling a new job that you have had any past problems is very uncomfortable. I really don't think it's any of their business unless it has to do with the job your applying for. But...???

    Thank you no it has nothing to do with children it was for a loan fell behind with payments got took to court where they put it as a secure debt againt my home and they accepted my debt managment plan just cant bring myself to tell new employers

    I can't imagine it's going to matter even if they find out. I think your right they just want to weed out the criminals.
    is it only crimminal convictions that will show up

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