When should parents let teens make their own decisions?

    What is the right age to let teens make decisions and what kind of decisions should never be left for them to take?

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    Very tough question facing today's parents raising there children. Great philosophical thought. Definitely gets a thumbs up!

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    All decisions are there's to make, otherwise they will just make them when you are not looking. It is better to have absolute communication, and never lie or pretend to be authority without giving clarity. Kids aren't fools these days, they want their souls to be free, so let them, but give as much communication and clarity as possible.. a good parent will waken themselves up to fit the task at hand. Certain kids require more energy and balance from the parent than others, but you know that it's only because you share energy. Make it divine love that you share. =]

    I agree with most of the answer above except I believe it depends on the individual teens maturity and past experiences you have had with your kids. Yes always be honest and explain why or why not you are allowing your kid to make a decision or not. You are the parent, not the kids best friend. You have a parental duty to monitor your kids decisions. That being said by the age of 17 or so, you should allow your teen to decide for themselves and play a more of an advisory role rather than the final decision maker.

    Once the breath chemtrails they'll be fine.

    ^ This is truth of lower awareness because it presumes that law is divine; however, if you consider that telling a kid he can't do things will certainly make them more rebellious, then by all means, make your teen rebellious. A parent isn't just a friend, but friends are the ones who you cause trouble with, and parents are the ones who should have clarity. =] much love

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