How many pounds are 100kg?

    Can someone help me figure this out? How do you convert pounds to Kgs and vice versa?

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    Agreed, Kilograms are heavier than pounds by 2.2x's. 100Kg x 2.2 = 220.5lbs. approximately.

    220.5 Lbs

    A kilogram is approximately 2.2 Pounds

    A pound is equal to .45359 kilograms

    He's absolutly right. 2.2 lbs per kg.

    The reverse of kilograms into pounds is to Multiply by 0.4536 and that will bring you back to Kilogrammes from pounds. CyprusLenny55

    To change kilogrammes into pounds multiply by 2.2046, I won't do it for you will have to do that. I have given you the solution. From CyprusLenny.

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