Ice in Refrigerator Section

    I accumulate ice in the left rear section behind the produce draw. Also, water drips on the floor in the left front corner under the pull out freezer draw. The ice forms in the refrig and needs to be chopped out with a knife after a few weeks time. This cycle keeps repeating

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    I had the same trouble. I cured it by totally defrosting (by pulling the plug) emptying out all the ice etc and lowering the temperaure setting. Also check the door is closing properly cos that can do it. The fridge can be frozen at the back but heat through the door gap melts a little

    Before calling the repair person, I would turn the temp. down one number and pull the frig out and vacuum under it. Dust can really fowl up a frig.

    check the door seal is closing onto surface properly and not letting warm air into fridge.. this will cause icing up if not sealing....

    Turn the temp up a lot, but turn it down again if we have a summer. I often wounder if we need fridgers in this country.

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