what stocks do you recommend

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    If you put a gun to my head, I'd say buy the best company in the universe, Apple Computer.  Subject to the volatility, this company is the cream of the crop, and should be in every aggressive portfolio.  It is second in market capitalization in all American companies (first is Exxon Mobil).  This is just my opinion and no guarantees are given here.

    In this economy, and with all of the currency crises, to name a few, I wouldn't touch anything besides gold, silver and uranium because it's efficient, safe for the most part and demand will be great for years to come whereas supplies won't be. My favorite gold stock is ATAC on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (ATC.V).  ATAC is sitting on the only known Carlin-type discovery in Canada.The Carlin Trend is the most prolific gold producing region in North America, with over 100 million oz. produced, w/ more to come.The % share appreciation is many times more than if ATAC sells out to a major. One of the top gold stocks of the mid-90's was Cartaway, going from .10 to 26.14. I bought ATAC @ .22/sh. Such a move in ATAC translates into $57.51/sh. The gold market has not even reached a manic-phase yet and Cartaway did not have a Carlin-type discovery. Amazon was going for $600/sh during the internet mania, without ANY profits. This coming mania will simply blow away the internet mania.


    Good luck and fasten your seatbelt
    The one's that make money.

    I try to find low priced stocks. The end of november i bought into Ford at 10 dollars. I do expect ford to get to 13 dollars within 8 months. Ford does not pay dividends. CFFN - capital federal financial pays good dividends. Stock restructuring the past year i think will improve price. Stock been beat down by traders, not performance. Bought it back early october. will sell at 12.75.  I always keep 40 percent ready for an obama day when he tries to destroy the financial world again. Just waiting for stock market to take that big dip down. Really, this has been a very good couple years for dips and big gains. Thats how i work it.

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