Autism in children

    How and when is autism detected in children?
    Is there a way for you to be sure your child doesn't suffer form the syndrome?

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    Talk to your childs doctor if you suspect something is not quite right. In my experience (working with children), they can usually be Dx at around age 4/5.


    I don't know what to suspect, I just want to be aware. thnx

    That would be a question to be answered by a proper and qualified physician to do so. There are many different levels of autism.

    Go on the National Autistic Society website.Here you will find a checklist and lots of explanations. Having been in your position 9 years ago my advice to you is to take it all slowly and don't tick everything too quickly as there's no-one in the world that doesn't satisfy some of the criteria as listed!!If you suspect that there is a problem ask your doctor for a referral. Your health visitor should also be made aware of your concerns.

    Good luck.

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